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Academic Achievers/S&L Consultants believes that adults can influence and bring new hope to young peopleís lives through the power of mentoring. Academic Achievers/S&L Consultants Mentoring Program focuses on career exploration and self esteem building techniques. Mentors can add a critical element in any childís social, emotional and cognitive development. It builds confidence, boosts academic performance and broadens horizons. Without doubt, young people who have the benefit of caring adult mentors navigate the path to adulthood more successfully.

Academic Achievers/S&L Consultants mentoring program will focus on the following:

Educational or academic mentoring to help youth improve their overall academic achievement.
Career mentoring to help youth obtain the necessary skills to enter a career path.
Personal development mentoring will support youth during times of personal or social stress and provides guidance on decision-making.
Academic Achievers/S&L Consultants Mentors:

Academic Achievers/S&L Consultants uses employees and volunteers as mentors. All mentors are required to complete a criminal background screening. All mentors must be committed to helping young people succeed; give back to the community and be a positive role model for youth.

Structure of Academic Achievers/S&L Consultants Mentoring Program:

Academic Achievers/S&L Consultants mentees will meet with mentors 2-10 hours per month, for no less than 6 months. Mentors will meet with teens after school, weekend and holidays, based on parent permission and teenís schedules. Mentors will provide one-on-one time with each teen. Female teens will be mentored by women and male teens will be mentored by men. Activities mentors and teens may participate in are as follows:



Sports Activities
(Basketball, Football, Baseball Games)

Workplace Mentoring Career Development Activities
(Visits to Companies)

Mentoring Application for Parents


Mentoring Application for Volunteers